la vita è bella


tutti a tavola a mangiare!



This is the time of day, usually around eleven o’ clock in the morning or three in the afternoon, where one takes the time for a cup of coffee (or tea) accompanied by a sweet delicacy.


\\YOUR DAILY CUP OF SCANDINAVIA Beautiful tableware and delicious treats for your ultimate relaxation moment or a cosy time with friends and colleagues. Make your FIKA moment a real experience with a Coffee & Tea design collection from GUSTA!


GUSTA® Table

The Table collection by GUSTA® has everything you need to turn your dinner table setting into a miracle. Trendy crockery for a chirpy breakfast or a romantic dinner. Using the extremely extensive collection around “Afternoon Tea” and “Afternoon snacks”, you can create a sweet get-together, a savoury happy hour with friends and family, or a well-earned moment of enjoyment for yourself. Creating a party - that’s what we like to do! With our products on the table, there’s always something to celebrate. Extensive collections of cool serving boards in various materials, everything for serving and presenting cheese and nuts, tapas and antipasti, amuses bouches, dippers, and much more. Eating, being together, and enjoying - that’s what we are after. GUSTA®, celebrate the day.


Mix and find your match...



Set your table with the stylish OUT OF THE BLUE crockery by Gusta. Create your own fitting style for any occasion. The various types of porcelain and earthenware provide a fantastic effect in a mix-and-match setting. Add extra festiveness to your table with the sturdy Bamboo trays. Their darkness and natural finish give an extra boost to the blue tones. Ready, set, enjoy!


Serve Taste & Enjoy!

Serving and presentation boards - the various materials, designs and shapes create endless possibilities. Serve delicious tapas, cheeses, amuses, nuts, and much more on the GUSTA® serving boards. Make time for family and friends, and take a moment to enjoy an exuberant lifestyle. Relax and celebrate the day. Enjoy life - GUSTA®.


Raise your glass!


Glass collection

Fancy a lovely red or white wine? Prefer a whisky or a cocktail? GUSTA® has beautiful glassware for any occasion and any drink. Its high quality and refined design make it a must on any table (or on the couch). Reflect on the little things in life and seize any opportunity to celebrate life. Toast your new job together with us, or a birthday, or just celebrate the day. Celebrate the day - GUSTA®.